Geospatial Imagery Redefined

​Continental coverage without compromise

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Best of both worlds

Until now, only satellites could capture geospatial imagery across entire continents, but at the expense of resolution. Existing aerial solutions can capture high resolution imagery, but can't match the consistent, continental coverage of satellites. And using either approach across your business can be a costly exercise in compromise.

Spookfish is bringing you the best of both worlds: cost-effective, high resolution, continent-wide imagery, without compromising quality or features.

The End of Compromise

For the first time, Spookfish will make it possible to access high resolution imagery and data products anywhere across the country at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems.

At Spookfish, we have more than 100 years worth of collective experience in the spatial industry. We know you’re looking for:

  • Quality

    High resolution, accurate imagery anywhere in the country

  • ​Frequency

    Uniform, up-to-date imagery with even the largest urban areas captured in a few hours

  • Reliability

    Consistent and regular capture programs, made possible by avoiding congested airspace

  • Complete Suite

    True orthophotos, true 3D models, digital elevation models and near infrared images, all from the same capture

  • ​Quick Turnaround

    An end-to-end solution that delivers imagery in days, enabling timely and informed decision making

We also know that there’s no solution in the world that can provide all these features and standards. Until now.
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