The real world is crystal-clear, precise and multidimensional - and it is constantly changing. Spookfish began with a single, radical idea to bring the real world to life with outstanding, next-generation imagery.

Our Story

An experienced team of GIS innovators wanted to explore what was possible beyond the limitations of contemporary aerial camera systems. We set out to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for high quality, cost effective, continent-wide 2D and 3D imagery.

By taking a clean sheet approach and challenging what was thought impossible, we've developed a unique suite of capabilities that will enable us to accomplish capture programs that others can't even contemplate.

Our Team

Meet ​just a few of the passionate innovators and entrepreneurs behind Spookfish. From geospatial experts and pilots, to scientists and technology gurus, our highly experienced and dynamic team is committed to bringing you a ​whole new view of the world.

Jason Waller

Chief Executive Officer

Mike von Bertouch

Strategic Operations Director

Simon Cope

Chief Technical Officer

Guy Perkins

Strategic Sales Director

Jason Marinko

Non-Executive Chairman

Simon Cope

Executive Director

Shannon Robinson

Non-Executive Director

Martin Ripple

Non-Executive Director


We're always on the look out for creative and innovative people to join our thriving team. We hire only the best and reward with exceptional benefits. If you want to be a part of something groundbreaking then get in touch today.

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