Emergency Response

Assess, decide, act and communicate with confidence

In emergency incidents, you and your colleagues must assess accurately, decide quickly, coordinate effectively and communicate pervasively. The protection of lives, property and critical infrastructure is at stake.

But if you’re not supported by the best available intelligence, your effectiveness on the ground can be critically undermined. Second best is just not good enough.

Spookfish provides emergency responders with the confidence that their decisions are driven by high resolution, accurate and up to date imagery and spatial data products.

Common applications in the Emergency Response sector

  • Remotely monitor fuel loads and firebreaks.
  • Enhance planning capabilities with up to date locational intelligence.
  • Improve the accuracy and granularity of your common operating picture.
  • Model fire and flood risk with accurate, current and comprehensive datasets.
  • Make impact assessments more efficient and accurate.
  • Add valuable locational context to communications with the community and other stakeholders.

How Spookfish can help

Spookfish helps emergency response agencies get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions across their operations, boosting situational awareness and underpinning an effective common operating picture.

Within days of capture, emergency response customers see fresh Spookfish imagery in their browser or streamed into their enterprise applications, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

We regularly update our premium quality imagery over large and growing areas, showing changes to their sites in stunning detail. We’re progressively rolling out coverage across Australia. See our Australian Program Guide for details.

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