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Stuart Nixon Joins Spookfish as Strategic Advisor

Spookfish is pleased to advise that Stuart Nixon, a world-renowned pioneer in the geospatial field, has entered into an arrangement to act as a strategic advisor to Spookfish and lead the Company’s business development activities in Europe.

Mr Nixon, who now resides in Europe, is a world-renowned innovator of geospatial technologies, having invented and patented the award-winning technologies behind ER Mapper and nearmap. In addition to being the founder of both ER Mapper and nearmap, Mr Nixon was a founding member of Australia's Spatial Information Steering Group and is an Honorary Fellow of the Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia, and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Grahame Sands award for Innovation in Applied Geophysics and the APSEA award for Professional Eminence & Excellence in Spatial Sciences.

Commenting on his new strategic role at Spookfish, Mr Nixon said, “What this rare coming together of geospatial industry talent has been able to create and develop in less than one year represents the pinnacle of geospatial technology. A decade ago, state of the art aerial camera systems could capture 300km2 per day of high resolution imagery. Six years ago this improved to around 3,000km2 per day, and opened up new markets. The Spookfish Technology Demonstrator already achieves comparable capture rates, and in the future will be able to capture up to 30,000km2 per day.”

Mr Nixon added, “In addition to significantly reducing capture costs, the Spookfish technology opens up the tantalizing opportunity to capture entire countries, instead of cities, on a regular basis. Furthermore, Spookfish captures many photos in detail for each point on the ground, making it possible to create 3D models of entire cities, down to every house and every tree. As such, I’m excited to be able to assist Spookfish in realising the enormous opportunity ahead of them. Europe presents a fantastic opportunity for leading edge geospatial technologies such as Spookfish and I’m excited by the prospect of opening up future opportunities for the Company in a new jurisdiction.” 

Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, said, “We are privileged to have such an industry pioneer and respected global authority in the geospatial industry associated with Spookfish. We welcome him on board in a strategic advisory capacity and look forward to leveraging Mr Nixon’s expertise and international industry relationships.”


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