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Global Accommodation Marketplace Signs Evaluation Agreement

Spookfish is pleased to announce that a global online accommodation marketplace has entered into an evaluation agreement with Spookfish to enable it to review the Company’s technology and evaluate the merits of entering into a commercial agreement.

The unique Spookfish technology has many applications for the global travel industry and will enable travel industry service providers and travellers themselves to make better decisions by providing:

  • Fast, country wide capture providing those travelling outside of major urban areas with access to high quality imagery when choosing a destination;
  • Current, high resolution imagery providing a better context of the property condition, location and surrounding neighbourhoods of a new destination;
  • Digital elevation models providing context of terrain for adventure travellers, travellers’ with disabilities and families travelling with young children; and
  • True 3D models providing a virtual immersion experience into a locality and the surrounding areas.

Spookfish intends to share data collected during our on going testing program with all evaluation customers on a confidential basis to not only enable them to evaluate our technology but to also allow Spookfish to engage with future customers now.

Early customer dialogue will enable Spookfish to refine all aspects of the customer offering so it can best meet the immediate industry requirements that are not being satisfied by contemporary systems.

Actively engaging with key national and international users of geospatial imagery now will facilitate a much smoother and faster uptake of its services when Spookfish launches its commercial offering to lighthouse customers later in 2015 before its scheduled large scale launch in 2016.

Spookfish continues to receive very strong interest from large enterprise users of geospatial data seeking fast, cost effective, high-resolution 2D and 3D, state and country wide image capture. As such, Spookfish is in advanced discussions with other significant local and international users of geospatial data interested in entering into evaluation and broader strategic agreements.

In relation to the signing of this evaluation agreement, Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, commented, “We are very excited to begin engaging with customers to refine our offering prior to our large scale commercial launch. The global travel and accommodation industry presents an enormous opportunity for our technology due to our ability to capture entire countries in high resolution and not just major urban centres. Providing a cost effective solution for removing the enormous gaps in high resolution country wide coverage has been particularly appealing to large enterprise users of geospatial imagery.”

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