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Military Contractor Signs Spookfish Evaluation Agreement

Spookfish is pleased to announce that a significant Australian military contractor has entered into an evaluation agreement with Spookfish to enable them to review the Company’s technology and evaluate the merits of entering into a commercial agreement prior to our scheduled large-scale commercial launch in 2016. 

There are significant benefits of using realistic 3D models for areas of interest complete with features such as buildings, roads, trees and natural features, large and small, modelled and integrated into training, planning and real-time operational monitoring systems. The partnership being forged with this contractor will provide a new level of detail and realism not otherwise obtainable by any other means on anything other than the smallest scale, and substantial international applications exist for this capability. 

Spookfish has also received interest from other military contractors and service providers and recently entered into a non-disclosure agreement with a major U.S. military contractor to enable their U.S. based Space and Airborne Systems division to review the capabilities and applications for the Spookfish technology.

The Spookfish technology offers a capability not presently economically available to military, namely wide area capture and rapid processing of high-resolution 3D imagery. The capabilities being developed for Spookfish’s large scale commercial system will facilitate the capture of this high-resolution imagery quickly from much higher altitudes than contemporary commercial offerings, providing significant benefits when operating in-theatre over active war zones. 

The Spookfish aircraft and camera systems are solely optimised for this exact type of wide-area capture and high resolution 3D processing, and the aircraft under consideration for each stage of the Spookfish commercial offering are already widely used by the defence forces of many countries.

The Spookfish technologies currently in development and testing for commercial launch scheduled for 2016 provide some interesting opportunities for military and disaster relief applications including:

Support for domestic defence planning:

  • Live firing range buffer and environmental analysis
  • Planning for exercises allowing full 3D briefing for personnel
  • Integration with battlefield simulation systems for training in ‘real’ environments

Support for in-theatre expeditionary operations:

  • High resolution 3D imagery of wide areas for planning patrols prior to force insertions
  • Up-to-date 3D imagery integrated into existing live battle space monitoring systems to provide better command and intelligence oversight
  • Frequent extremely high resolution imagery of linear assets to provide comparative analysis for potential improvised explosive device (IED) threats
  • Image acquisition performed from an altitude above the effective ceiling for man portable air defence systems (MANPADS)
  • Aircraft can be operating from bases remote to the theatre of operations
  • In-theatre image processing capabilities for rapid turn-around of imagery
  • Support for non-military security organisations which may not have access to the full range of military intelligence and planning information

Support for civil defence and disaster relief operations:

  • Wide area, high resolution capture capability with possible global deployment within 48 hours
  • Post-disaster 3D imagery for relief planning for remote, wide scale emergencies
  • Asset recovery/remediation planning and management

In relation to the military applications for the Spookfish technology, Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, commented, “We always anticipated the unique capabilities of the Spookfish technology to cost effectively capture wide areas and rapidly process high resolution 3D imagery would attract attention from the defence sector. This presents an enormous opportunity for the Company, both domestically and internationally, and we look forward to working with these military contractors to review and evaluate our technology.” 

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