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Water Utility Signs Spookfish Evaluation Agreement

Spookfish is pleased to announce that a major Australian State-owned water utility has entered into an evaluation agreement with Spookfish to enable it to review the Company’s technology and evaluate the merits of entering into a commercial agreement.

This State-owned water utility manages an asset base of over $15 billion in water supply, wastewater, drainage infrastructure and bulk water for irrigation.

Geospatial imagery is a core data set for water asset managers and an integral tool for infrastructure planning and modeling, asset management, residential and commercial development services, field operations and environmental impact analysis.

Utility asset managers, including those responsible for large scale, state-wide water, gas, electricity, road and rail infrastructure, use geospatial imagery extensively today to improve decision-making and drive productivity throughout their organisations. Providing these asset managers with access to very high-resolution 2D and 3D imagery, quickly, reliably and cost effectively, not just in urban areas but wherever their assets are located, will greatly assist in planning and managing these major assets.

Major utility infrastructure assets are often located outside of urban areas and the enormous productivity of the Spookfish technology will give asset managers access to cost effective, state-wide, very high quality imagery, all from the one service provider.

In relation to the signing of an evaluation agreement with this State-owned water utility, Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, commented, “We continue to be encouraged by the breadth and scale of the opportunities presented by the organisations who have already entered into evaluation agreements and those still in discussions. Our technology is highly valuable to utility companies as it will allow major infrastructure owners and managers to obtain very high quality imagery, cost effectively, wherever their assets are located to improve decision making and drive productivity gains in their organisations.” 

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