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Three New Industry Leaders to Evaluate Spookfish Technology

Spookfish is pleased to announce that three more leading users of geospatial imagery have entered into evaluation agreements with Spookfish to enable them to review the Company’s technology and evaluate the merits of entering into commercial agreements.

The three new evaluation customers comprise a leading national solar panel and battery retailer and installer, a well established civil construction company that undertakes the complete civil construction suite of services for government and private clients in both urban and regional areas, and a large civil engineering company specialising in land and building development, marinas, harbours and canal estates, transport systems and traffic management schemes.

Solar panel installers, civil urban engineers and construction companies are increasingly using geospatial imagery to improve decision-making and drive productivity in their businesses. Providing participants in these industries with access to very high-resolution 2D and 3D imagery and digital elevation models, quickly, reliably and cost effectively will greatly assist in planning, analysis and promotion of projects.

The Spookfish technology will be able to deliver these services, more reliably and cost effectively, due to the ability of its technology to capture very high-resolution imagery of even the largest urban areas in just a matter of hours, without confronting the typical air space interruptions experienced by lower altitude survey aircraft.

However, due to the enormous productivity of the Spookfish technology, these services will be available to businesses operating not only in the largest urban areas but also those servicing regional areas across the country, all from the one service provider.

Spookfish now has evaluation agreements with major participants in core geospatial data markets including travel, military, insurance, utilities and state-owned infrastructure, solar, construction and civil engineering with discussions on going with other potential evaluation customers and strategic partners, showing the enormous broad market interest and scale of the global opportunity for the unique capabilities of our technology.

In relation to the signing of these evaluation agreements spanning three key industry verticals, Spookfish Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko, commented, “Its very pleasing to be approached by enterprise players from large national industries that are increasingly using geospatial imagery to improve productivity and decision making. We look forward to having these industry leaders evaluate our market-leading product offering in preparation for our commercial launch to lighthouse customers later this year. The ability of the Spookfish technology to provide those enterprise customers that require high quality data wherever their projects may be located with more current, reliable, cost effective, higher quality imagery all from one national service provider continues to receive broad market support.”

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