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Spookfish Completes Development of Generation One Camera System

Spookfish is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully completed the planned upgrade of its Generation One camera system, otherwise known as the “Technology Demonstrator”, to transform it into a commercial camera system.

Numerous enhancements have been performed during the scheduled commercial upgrade to provide industry leading levels of image capture rates and pointing accuracy required to meet the extreme performance criteria of the Spookfish system.

The Spookfish camera system has been tested thoroughly and evolved into an highly capable high-resolution nadir and oblique camera system, capturing high redundancy imagery that allows for fully automated production of high resolution 3D models and derived products including True Orthophotos, Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models.

In addition to camera system development, all necessary flight-testing has been performed to demonstrate compliance with the various Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”) design requirements. It has been verified there is no adverse impact of the external system on the aircraft’s stability and control characteristics, navigation and communication systems or aircraft performance.

The camera system design has been approved in accordance with CASA regulations and released from ‘Experimental’ category to ‘Normal’ category to authorise commercial data acquisition.

This upgrade is an exciting milestone as it marks the end of the initial development phase and commencement of commercial operations.

The exhaustive testing and commercialisation of the Spookfish Generation One ‘Technology Demonstrator’ also continues to significantly de-risk the scaling of the system to the larger scale Generation Two version with practically all the core technologies now proven with any minor variations required based on already well understood techniques.

Development of the larger scale Generation Two system remains on-going in parallel and analysis and testing of the Generation One system commercial upgrade is proving invaluable for development of Generation Two with the recently upgraded onboard control software and data storage directly relating to the large-scale Generation Two system and the Spookfish's processing solution.

Along with the Company's recently granted Air Operators Certificate by CASA, Spookfish has in place the platform for the development of the Spookfish technology roadmap for higher/faster aircraft and international operations.

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