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Photogrammetry expert validates Spookfish capabilities

Spookfish engaged independent expert, Dr. Clive Fraser, in December 2016 to perform an independent assessment and validation of the metric capabilities of the Spookfish system.

Apart from his role as a Program Science Director in the CRCSI, an international research and development centre for spatial information, Dr. Fraser is a Professorial Fellow in the Dept. of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is a leading international researcher in photogrammetry, and his particular areas of research interest lie in digital photogrammetry, including sensor modelling and calibration, 3D forensic analysis and accident reconstruction, vision-based industrial measurement systems, and the metric exploitation of high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery. In recognition of his academic and professional work he has earned numerous international awards and has authored more than 380 scientific publications.

Spookfish is very pleased to announce that Dr. Fraser’s report, dated 9 January 2017, has confirmed that our metric performance targets have been beaten by a significant margin, comfortably meeting the requirements of the ASPRS (American Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing) Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data. The level of accuracy achieved means Spookfish imagery can be reliably used for precision mapping tasks such as detailed asset capture and analysis.

The Spookfish system was designed from the outset to be highly productive at high resolution whilst simultaneously capturing nadir and oblique imagery to allow the cost-effective creation of a range of products. However, one of the overarching key design criteria was to achieve metric performance in line with traditional high-end aerial camera systems allowing Spookfish to compete across a diverse range of markets from low-cost consumer mapping to high value markets such as one size fits all state-wide coverage and high grade precision mapping.

According to Dr. Fraser, “This assessment of the Spookfish SP3 aerial camera system and its associated photogrammetric data processing pipeline has demonstrated that design specifications for metric accuracy are being met, and indeed surpassed.”

Dr. Fraser also noted in his report that, “Independent photogrammetric processing of a representative 84-image sub-block of aerial photography highlighted the very high metric integrity within all components of the SP3 system, namely within the multi-sensor camera design, sensor calibration and image acquisition modelling, aerial triangulation, boresight calibration, and generation of orthoimage and digital surface model data. The relative accuracy of ground point determination, which indicates the internal accuracy of the SP3 system, surpassed the 5cm (1-pixel level) design expectation, and the absolute geopositioning accuracy level achieved surpassed the 20 cm level specified for the system.”

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