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Dual US/Australian certification flight test programme completed

Spookfish is pleased to provide an update on milestones achieved on the certification and system testing programme underway for the Generation 1.5 system being developed as part of the joint program with EagleView, the Company’s North American partner.

The first full in-flight operational camera test of the EagleView system was completed in January and the performance of the system matched or exceeded expectations. Approximately 8,000 frames of imagery were collected during a brief test flight to validate basic system output metrics. Analysis of key image quality parameters recorded during the initial test indicate that the EagleView specification system achieves the expected image quality targets, a critical factor for the discerning USA market. The results of system testing undertaken thus far meet the performance expectations to provide the substantial capability enhancement underpinning the partnership between EagleView and Spookfish.

The joint CASA and FAA certification flight test programme to demonstrate compliance with the various complex aircraft design standards has now been completed. Thus far the aircraft with camera pod attached is compliant with all relevant certification requirements and there is no noticeable impact of the pod from a pilot’s perspective. The next stage of the certification programme involving comprehensive analysis and reporting to demonstrate compliance with the design regulations is due to be completed in March. As the analysis is undertaken some additional flights may be required for supplimentary data.

The first camera system to be delivered to EagleView in the USA is currently undergoing pre- delivery testing and burn-in. With certification flight testing complete, the first complete camera system that will be delivered to the USA is being installed onto a test aircraft to commence final operational trials performed under supervision of senior EagleView technical staff.

In preparation for the delivery of the first system to EagleView, the aircraft installation kit for the camera system has been shipped to EagleView for integration with their first aircraft. This will allow for the requisite aircraft modifications, including all required camera system installation points, to be completed in preparation for the first system arriving in March.

As part of the integration of the Spookfish technology into the EagleView business, the Spookfish data processing solution has been deployed by EagleView onto a large High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster in the USA in preparation for imminent deployment of the camera systems in the USA. Significant enhancements to the solution are currently being finalised to support integration with existing EagleView systems and to support a large-scale rollout of the technology throughout 2017.

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