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First camera system delivered to EagleView in the U.S.

Spookfish is pleased to provide an update that it has delivered Spookfish’s next generation capture system to its North American partner, EagleView, under its agreement with EagleView.

Following on from the certification flight test programme, the initial system testing programme in Australia has concluded. Imagery was collected at varying resolutions and sufficient testing was performed to allow Spookfish to confidently deliver a system to EagleView in the U.S. which is now subject to their acceptance.

As previously announced, the installation kit for the camera system was recently despatched to the U.S. comprising the structural modification hardware for the aircraft. This has now been joined by the first complete EagleView camera system comprising the sensor array, data storage and control sub-systems. This complete system is now being prepared for installation with the first camera system test flights in the U.S scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

Several specialist staff from Spookfish will be in the U.S. over the next month to assist with the installation, training, initial operations and any required fine-tuning for U.S. conditions. Testing by EagleView in the U.S. will be conducted in a variety of environments and terrain conditions.

The first stage of the Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”), required by Spookfish to operate commercially, is nearing completion with detailed analysis reports being delivered to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”). This Australian approval will then be used as the basis for the subsequent U.S. approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) under the Australian-U.S. Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement.

The second and final stage of the STC is underway to approve all the internal systems. This is being undertaken concurrently with a revision to the design to include a new custom lens providing the best possible mix of productivity and image quality.

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