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Spookfish partners with UrbisPro

Spookfish is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Value-Added Reseller Agreement with UrbisPro, providing Spookfish with access to a significant national property planning user base.

UrbisPro offers a complete range of property search information services to property planning professionals. Its mapping software and reporting function integrates multiple property datasets with aerial imagery. UrbisPro has over 2,800 users subscribing to its web portal services, with licensed surveyors comprising approximately 80% of the customer base. UrbisPro customers identified the need for high resolution, highly accurate, high quality, high currency geospatial imagery as this was a natural extension to the UrbisPro solution.

Under the Valued-Added Reseller Agreement, UrbisPro will consume Spookfish’s imagery through a monthly per user subscription and provide this as a value-added service to its existing subscribers across Australia, with further incentives for UrbisPro to grow this base. While the ultimate subscriber take-up rate, and speed of take-up, is unknown, this agreement has the potential to generate more than $1 million of annual contract value (ACV) to Spookfish.

Commenting on signing the Value-Added Reseller Agreement, Bob Markham, CEO of UrbisPro, said: “Spookfish is a natural fit for UrbisPro and a great win-win solution. UrbisPro already delivers value in the property planning market to its customers. The ability to overlay data sets with aerial imaging is a natural extension of what UrbisPro does. Spookfish is a great partner for us, as they have the quality, currency, and accuracy of geospatial imagery and, just as importantly, the commercial approach we sought.”

Jason Waller, CEO of Spookfish, also commented on the partnership: “UrbisPro is an ideal partner for Spookfish, both in terms of their product solution and market penetration. Their existing customer base accelerates our sales and we recognise that we are a complimentary component to their targeted value proposition.”

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