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Spookfish signs up Landgate

Spookfish is pleased to announce it has signed a License Agreement with the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate) as a qualified contractor to the Capture WA Panel contract, for supply of aerial imagery through Spookfish’s OrthoConnect™, OrthoFlex™ and SiteView™ cloud-based software as a service products.

Landgate is the Western Australian State government’s leading GIS authority, responsible for the custody of land information data, including aerial imagery. It administers and coordinates aerial imagery requests on behalf of the State through an annual capture program. In 2016-17 Landgate coordinated the procurement of approximately $2 million worth of data through the program. This imagery is then provided to other government departments and combined with land title and property data to produce commercial products for the private sector. The current Capture WA Panel will operate for a period of two (2) years from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2018. There is one (1), two (2) year extension option, exercisable at the absolute discretion of Landgate.

Spookfish was selected as a Preferred Respondent for the “Innovative Products and Services” category following a competitive tender. To be selected for this category, Spookfish demonstrated it could deliver value added products using new technology in an innovative manner across a wide range of imagery and GIS services. Spookfish’s highly productive patented camera platform and associated image processing software set a new benchmark for Landgate with high fidelity, high quality and high positional accuracy Orthoimagery, as well as competitive pricing models.

Under the agreement, Spookfish has agreed panel prices and terms on a per square kilometre basis to potentially supply geospatial imagery products to Landgate, its customers (including other government departments) and to the State of Western Australia. It enables Spookfish to quote as a qualified contractor to support the annual capture program, as well as ad-hoc requests as they are made throughout the year. Details of the annual program, including capture area sizes and frequency, are still being developed, and have the potential for State- wide capture.

Commenting on the agreement with Landgate, Spookfish CEO Jason Waller said: “We are thrilled Landgate has selected Spookfish, and we will be a new supplier under this agreement that has a cloud based software as a service map viewer product. While this is not Spookfish’s first contract win with a State government department in Australia, it is our most significant to date as Landgate is Western Australia’s premier geospatial agency. This agreement further validates the quality of Spookfish’s product, our ability to deliver and our commercial model and the growth opportunities available to Spookfish in Australia as we continue to roll out our national capture program.”

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