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Introducing our new export tool

You told us you wanted a fully-featured export tool and we’ve listened. Spookfish's new export tool helps you to engage powerfully with a visual language that brings your quotations, presentations and documents to life.

Export your current screen

With SiteView Plus, you can quickly browse to your location of interest and export your current screen to an image.

Export Current Screen Tool in MapViewer

If you use GIS software (like QGIS, ArcGIS or MapInfo) or CAD software (like AutoCAD, Microstation or Revit), you also have the choice to include a geo-referenced JPG world file. This allows you to spatially adjust exported images in your specialist software.

You also have the choice of including layers in your export – roads, places, property boundaries, markers and measurements.

Your exported image will save to your Downloads folder with useful information in the filename, like the export date, projection, coordinates and zoom level (also known as the scale ratio or resolution).

Here's a quick look at the image of Elizabeth Quay in Western Australia that we exported using SiteView Plus. Feel free to download the exported image of Elizabeth Quay in March 2018 (275KB).

Exported image of Elizabeth Quay

Define and export an area

With SiteView Ultimate, you get even more flexibility. Not only can you export your current screen, but you can also define an area of interest and select from a range of advanced export preferences.

With the ability to choose your preferred projection, file type and resolution, you can truly work with Spookfish in the applications you already use, without having to change the way you work.

Export Selected Area Tool in MapViewer

You have the choice to get a georeferenced image, but can also choose your projection – either Spherical Mercator, or one of the 8 MGA (Map Grid of Australia) zones of Australia.

You also get the choice of file type - either a geo-referenced JPG with a world file or a high quality GeoTIFF. JPG is great for a small file size, but it’s not always compatible with third party apps. GeoTIFFs have a larger file size, but have excellent compatibility with third party apps.

Finally, you can choose your preferred resolution. The huge advantage here is you can export an area larger than what you can see in current screen mode, at the highest resolution available.

Here’s the export of Elizabeth Quay in Western Australia, including construction progress of the new Ritz-Carlton Perth. Feel free to download a very high-resolution image from March 2018 (3.1MB).

Exported Image of Elizabeth Quay including Carlton-Ritz Development

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