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Spookfish launches in South Australia and expands Victorian coverage

Spookfish has today announced the expansion of its capture program into South Australia with over 4,100km2 of imagery covering Adelaide’s metropolitan area, as well as the local government areas of Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker. In addition to launching into South Australia, we've also expanded our coverage in metropolitan Melbourne.

The expansion of coverage will give businesses and government agencies across Adelaide and Melbourne the opportunity to access very high resolution aerial imagery and save thousands of dollars by slashing the time spent on site.

Specifically, in Melbourne Spookfish covers a total area of around 6,300km2, which is home to 61% of Victoria’s population. Spookfish also captures regional centres at the same consistent specification as metropolitan areas. In Victoria, this currently includes the towns of Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton.

With the addition of Perth’s entire metropolitan area, which spans 7,260km2, Spookfish has now published over 50 trillion pixels of imagery. Spookfish offers customers a crystal-clear view on any device, with absolutely no data caps.

The expansion marks a major milestone for the Perth-based company, which is embarking on a national rollout this year. With full capture of Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth metropolitan areas under its belt the future is looking bright for Spookfish. It has also begun expanding into Sydney and Brisbane, as well as other Australian capitals.

Spookfish CEO, Jason Waller, commented, “At a time when cities are growing faster than ever, we are delighted to offer our customers very high resolution imagery in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. We are excited to be building our national footprint and will offer an extended coverage area across Australia within the next 12 months.

“From governments to enterprises and SMEs, Spookfish helps organisations save time and money by providing precise aerial imagery with the timeliness and convenience of cloud delivery. We offer our customers a service like no other, where they can access extremely high resolution images of up to 5cm at an affordable price across very large areas, with no data caps.”

Spookfish utilises a fleet of specialised planes to capture imagery for its platform. With quarterly updates in capital cities across Australia, customers have an up-to-date and evolving view of their world.

Backing all this up, Spookfish recently won a major Asia Pacific industry award for exporting its world-beating imaging technology to the North American market.

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