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Why go round in circles?

Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be; like the time a builder used his feet instead of his head. Here’s where Spookfish could have helped…

There’s a vacant plot of land near my house that has been sitting there unloved and untouched for a long time. Quite why it’s empty? Who knows. I passed it regularly when walking the dog and often wondered what it would become. So, imagine my excitement when one Saturday morning I saw a real estate agent furiously stuffing a ‘For Sale’ sign into the back of his car, a look of ‘my work here is done’ written all over his face. Followed the next week by a guy who parked up in the same spot, got out and began exuberantly pacing the distance from the roundabout to the corner of the plot. There was an audible ‘one, two, three…’ as he treacherously crossed the road while, at the same time, trying to figure out traffic flow. ‘Ah,’ I said to the dog, ‘he needs Spookfish’.

Why Spookfish? Well, for one, the builder in question could have saved on a site visit, not to mention extending the life of his shoes and avoiding near-death dodging the cars traversing the roundabout.

Not only that, he wouldn’t have had to rush to his car and scribble down his mental calculations on the back of an old envelope.

Instead, back in the comfort of his office, a cup of coffee by his side, he could have opened up Spookfish, used the search to find the plot of land, measure it out with the simple ruler tool and then, at his leisure, export all the data for present and future use.

The high resolution aerial image above, which took me mere seconds to capture, is so accurate that it would have given him all the crucial information he needed to see and more

What his ground-level pacing didn’t show him is what you and I can see so clearly. He didn’t get to zoom in and get a close-up look at the style of neighbouring properties, nor note the layout of the house opposite (with mirror positioning). He also didn’t get to see just how close the adjacent houses are to the plot’s perimeter fencing. Boy, the guy’s going to have to design like a demon. Maybe it’s just as well he didn’t look!

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