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Do you have tunnel vision?

For some, tunnel vision means having a narrow perspective, but in the case of Spookfish’s aerial imagery, it’s the opposite. Our high-resolution images can help companies on large-scale projects such as Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel to see (and show off) the enormous picture.

How could aerial imagery help to build the Metro Tunnel?

The $11bn price tag that comes with Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel tells you something about its scale. It’s huge. Already underway, the line will connect Sunbury in the west with Cranbourne/Pakenham in the south-east. Two tunnels, each spanning 9km, carrying half a million passengers per week at peak time through five stations. All this and building it beneath a major city centre without causing upheaval to current road users, pedestrians, cyclists and the existing network of tunnels and services.

With some significant planning headaches to deal with, capturing imagery from the outset makes sense but isn’t always possible. Stuff happens, like having to burrow underneath Moonee Ponds Creek or shifting countless tons of extracted materials.

How could Spookfish help you?

Fortunately, as Spookfish takes images at regular intervals throughout the year, you can gather old and current high-resolution aerial imagery to produce a project timeline. In this instance, you can see North Melbourne Station from infancy through to its current state.

New North Melbourne Station Construction Progress

Perfect for sharing with planners, designers and builders as well as key stakeholders and the public, images can be used as a virtual field visit, to highlight your progress and tell your project’s story.

What’s more, because Spookfish’s images are high-resolution, you get fantastic definition, allowing you to zoom in on site details. In the case of Metro Tunnel, you could use this imagery to measure temporary construction site fence areas, produce traffic management plans and help monitor the progress of construction.

New North Melbourne Station - key features

Tunnel vision? Not so narrow after all...

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