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New Perth imagery now available

It's easier than ever to see how Perth is changing with fresh Spookfish imagery now available.

Explore our interactive map below to see what we've recently captured in Perth:

Here's a few of our favourite recent updates:

New Western Australian Museum: construction progress
Captured between 5 March 2017 & 15 October 2018.

New Western Australian Museum Construction

Piara Waters: housing estate construction
Captured between 6 March 2017 & 30 October 2018.

Piara Waters Construction

Scarborough Beach redevelopment
Captured 15 October 2018.

Scarborough Beach Redevelopment

New Perth DFO: construction and completion
Captured between 5 September 2017 & 20 September 2018.

Perth DFO Construction

North Perth: construction of new apartments
Captured between 5 March 2017 & 15 October 2018.

North Perth Knutsford Apartment Construction

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