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FAA approval to commence commercial operations in North America

27 October 2017 in News

The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency has approved the Spookfish Supplemental Type Certificate for the latest generation Spookfish camera system.

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Spookfish wins coveted prizes at the Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards

17 October 2017 in News

Spookfish cleaned up at the recent highly respected industry awards, winning both the “Innovation and Commercialisation” and the “Export” awards.

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Kellee Ireland appointed as Sales and Business Development Manager

11 October 2017 in News

Spookfish is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Kellee Ireland as Sales and Business Development Manager.

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EagleView places first large-scale purchase order

10 July 2017 in News

EagleView submits first purchase order for multiple systems for use in North America.

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First camera system delivered to EagleView in the U.S.

24 March 2017 in News

Spookfish is pleased to provide an update that it has delivered Spookfish’s next generation capture system to its North American partner, EagleView.

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We're back for another year at Locate17

24 March 2017 in News

Spookfish is excited to be be back for another year at Digital Earth & Locate17 in Sydney between April 3rd and 6th.

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Dual US/Australian certification flight test programme completed

22 February 2017 in News

First full in-flight camera test of US-bound EagleView system completed with results meeting or exceeding expectations.

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EagleView further strengthens partnership with Spookfish

01 February 2017 in News

EagleView to a fund major R&D project with Spookfish’s sensor supplier involving heavy customisation of the existing sensor package.

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Spookfish next generation airborne technology update

11 January 2017 in News

Spookfish's flight test aircraft has taken to the sky with our next generation camera pod and flight test instrumentation installed for the first time.

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Photogrammetry expert validates Spookfish capabilities

10 January 2017 in News

World-renowned photogrammetry expert, Dr. Clive Fraser, validates the very high metric integrity and geopositioning accuracy of the Spookfish system.

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Spookfish selects NEXTDC to colocate IT infrastructure

01 August 2016 in News

Spookfish has entered into an agreement and secured capacity with NEXTDC Limited, Australia’s leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider.

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Spookfish Partners With EagleView in North America

17 May 2016 in News

Spookfish signs license, royalty and equity investment agreements with EagleView, a North American market leading provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions.

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Spookfish appoints Simon Cope as Executive Director

20 April 2016 in News

Spookfish Limited is pleased to advise of the appointment of Mr Simon Cope as an executive director of the company effective immediately.

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