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Australian Program Guide

Spookfish's ability to quickly capture, process and publish incredibly detailed and very accurate imagery over many thousands of square kilometres is genuinely unique.

With the rollout of our Australian Program now accelerating, Spookfish is capturing high resolution imagery over more than 270,000km2 each year, including seven capital cities and 33 of Australia’s most populous regional areas. These surveys will ultimately cover communities that are home to around 83% of Australia’s population, or more than nineteen and a half million people.

The Spookfish Australian Program Guide outlines our entire Australian Program, including exactly which cities, towns and suburbs are within these survey footprints. An overview of these communities is shown in the Guide, along with detailed maps of each survey.

The Guide is updated regularly as we add new cities and regions to our Australian Program.

Download Program Guide (PDF, 6MB)

Last updated: 13 September 2018

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