Built for the future, not just today

Our capture platform technology is optimised for very fast, high altitude capture and our development roadmap will enable us to evolve quickly - from twin turbo prop aircraft to jets, flying above commercial air traffic over the busiest countries.

Capture Continents, Not Just Cities

The Spookfish roadmap will enable us to rapidly cover entire continents, rather than individual cities or regions, delivering high resolution 2D, 3D and elevation data at a consistent specification and from a multitude of angles. As our capture costs are a fraction of other contemporary systems, we update all our data regularly, enabling you to see change happen across vast areas from your desktop or device.


Typical Airspace
Issues Overcome

As the Spookfish dynamic motion camera system is very compact, we’re able to use larger and more powerful optics, allowing high resolution capture from altitudes well above the congested airspace of major population centres. This means capture rates and productivity are significantly improved, providing our customers with coverage over massive areas and unbeatable value for money.


True 3D Models

The Spookfish camera system is designed to produce photorealistic true 3D models for every survey we fly, at costs and capture rates previously thought impossible. When released, these products will give our customers access to true 3D models at an unprecedented scale, creating new opportunities to monitor, measure, decide and act in three dimensions.


Digital Elevation Models

Generated in incredible detail, our surface and bare-earth elevation models will be updated with every capture, enabling our customers to accurately detect and quantify elevation changes across vast areas of the built and natural environment, at a fraction of the cost of any other solution.


Near Infrared Imagery

Spookfish will provide customers with the ability to measure changes to the size of water bodies and assess how the health of crops, vegetation and forests is changing over continents.


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